Auspol is a talented and diverse network of agents in the major cities of Australia, each with their own unique style and skill set. Using Auspol's established and growing network, our agents know how to help you reach your goals.

Guy Perrine - Founder & Director

Writer / Director / Producer


Guy has lived all over the world - England, Australia, France, and Poland, and he brings a broad cultural feel to his work, coupled with half a dozen degrees ranging from History to a Masters in Film. He believes that everyone deserves a chance, and follows his company ethos of breaking the 'beer glass ceiling'. From his days working with Rochstar and Freemantle, he has a decade of work in concept development and pitching, a skill he offers to anyone with a good story to tell. A fearsome negotiator, who doesn't hold back, Guy is a man you want fighting for your script.

JD Cohen - Head of Film and Production Services

Writer / Director / Producer / Editor - CineGear Productions


Educated in the UK, and a survivor of a boys only boarding school, JD brings a cynical sense of humour to his work. His Psychology degree lends a cerebral edge to his films. His approach to telling stories is very clear, if it doesn't advance the story, there's no point in it being there. If it's not in the script. it doesn't exist in the reality of the film. JD is one of the most experienced independent filmmakers in Sydney, with an impressive 5 directed and sold features, a Channel 9 TV Movie and several award winning shorts under his belt.  His productions have a fast turnaround, and finish on time and on budget.

Tara Jay - Head of Drama

Actor / Producer / Developer


Tara is an award winning actor trained in the Stella Adler/Stanislavski method and has played numerous roles in independent Features, TV, Theatre, Webseries and Short Films. Earlier in her career, Tara was a professional Contemporary and Ballet dancer and danced for a number of years throughout Germany. She is also a film school graduate with 2 award winning shorts under her belt. Tara’s vision as a filmmaker and media agent is to create entertaining, character rich content for a universal audience - this is the main concept in her Sci-Fi TV show she is currently developing.

Anthony Darvall - Head of NSW Division

Head Literary Agent / Actor


In his short time to date as an Auspol Media Producing Agent, Anthony Darvall has proved to be a remarkable talent and a driving force behind our new projects aquisitions. His career trajectory has seen him now representing Auspol Media in Los Angeles USA via our sponsored business visa program. Congrats Anthony and all our thoughts and prayers for your success in meetings and endeavours are with you. He now heads up the NSW Division of Auspol Media.

TBC - Head of Victoria Division





Brian Vaughan - Head of Queensland Division

Writer / Producer / Director - Spirit Rider Productions


Brian has worked int he industry for over 20 years, in a wide range of disciplines, that has given him the perfect understanding of how the industry works, and how to help his clients achieve their goals, but i think he probably has more to say....