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Just keep telling yourself... It's only a game


Detective Nick Mathers loses everything in the pursuit of a killer: his wife, his eldest daughter, his girlfriend. Worse follows when the case that cost his daughter's life resurfaces, the Chess Piece Killer wants to finish the game. Each piece has a name on it, if Nick loses a piece; the killer slaughters the person whose name is on the piece. When he takes Nick's younger daughter Lisa as a piece on the board, the game becomes much more personal. With a 15 minute time limit on each move,


Nick races against time to work out the killers methods before the clock ticks down to the end of Lisa's life. While Nick and ex-girlfriend Ali struggle to find and stop the killer, Lisa fights the suspicion of her fellow captives that her father is as sick as the psycho who kidnapped them. As runs out, Nick works out the link between the placement of the victims when they are killed, and their placement on the board - the city is one great big chess board for the killer. But can he rescue Lisa in time?


Status: Distribution in UK & US

Strewn on the floor of a dingy bathroom cubicle, a young man reflects on the prostitute that stole his heart in a series of bizarre flashbacks.


Status: Distribution in Australia

A psychological thriller about a young man James Marshall who meets up with his childhood friend Ruby Taylor - a girl who is crazy and deluded having lost her memory in a car accident. James has to help Ruby remember who she is as well as forcing her to face the traumatic dark secrets of her past that she has tried so long to forget.


Status: Completed, Screened at Shanghai International Film Festival, Port Stephens and more