Auspol's director, Guy Perrine, has been working in factual entertainment, both documentaries and reality formats, for the past 10 years, including for companies such as Freemantle (Aust & UK),

FCEE Entertainment (Holland), Rochstar Films & TV (Poland) and MIPCOM Buyer Consultant.


With this experience and a much wider network to tap into, we have the skills and the knowledge to launch you next TV show.

Welcome to Shotgun Chef - where Bear Grylls meets Jamie's Ktichen


In today’s fast paced environment our increasingly urban audience is disconnected from where its food comes from and is “X” steps removed from the origins of their meat especially. City children are often amazed that milk comes from cows and that their pork chop for dinner comes from a once live animal.


Our farmed animals live very different lifestyle than their ancestors or wild counterparts did — now sedentary, caged, eating a uniform diet and often slaughtered before they reach maturity.


OUR SHOTGUN CHEF pledges to give the audience a better appreciation of how it’s still possible to live off the land and reconnects us with the hunter’s skill. A skill we used to need to survive. As a Top Chef he also brings to the party how you can still have a gourmet meal from wild game caught in the bush.


Status: Pitching to Networks

Inside the wealthy world of pets and their celebrity owners


Have you ever wondered how the rich and famous treat their pets? We take a trip each week into a home of a celebrity and how they interact with the pets. We will follow them and see what how these pets are incorporated into their busy lifestyles. We will look at travel arrangements, daily exercise routines and care and grooming that their pets need.


Let’s see our celebrities out pounding the pavement with their dogs, getting wet with at doggy bath time, talking to their parrots, smooching with their cats or even handling snakes and lizards.


Status: Pitching to Networks