A web series is a great way to present an idea without the pressure of huge production values, and name talent. But one thing never changes, the need to tell a good story, and how to get it out to your viewing audience... and that's where we come in.

Housemates: the family you choose when you have no other choice.


House Sharing is hard. Even if you’re already friends and especially when you aren’t. Throw in the new girl and an evil arch-nemesis hell bent on destroying youir lives and let’s just say things are ‘complicated’.


The occupants of Henry Haus have enough problems and personality faults to break up the closest of families. But they aren’t a family; they’re Housemates.


Henry Haus is a comedy web series designed to be watched on your break, with a mate, or when you’re, ehem, ‘studying.’ The episodes quick, only 5-10 mins each the humour is heightened (and silly in all the right places). Fall in love with the four misfits at Henry Haus.


Status: Completed Web Series available on YouTube - in development for a TV Series